Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Danish Design - Roses Dress Black

Danish Design is another designer we didn’t know. And can you blame us? They’ve only been in business for three years ;)

This is the Roses Dress, in black. There is a just-released version in white, which is also lovely.

DD is latex couture. This classy dress can be worn to the ballroom or the Rubber Room ;)

The included glitch pants make a fine outfit with the dress top worn like a bustier.

Top and bottom are included in all layers for mix and match convenience.

An included (but not documented, I kidded Pip a little about it) menu lets you resize the skirt for perfect fit.

Another find in the Rubber Room mall, which turns out to be a goldmine of new designers for us.

Danish Design stood out because of it’s fashionable latex, not something you see in many latex shops, which mostly go the slutty or fetish way.

The main store turned out to be as light and fashionable as the clothes we had seen.

Mistress eyes were immediately drawn to the Roses dress, most probably because of the Bax boots worn on the vendor. *winks*

We called Pip and after a short wait, she was working as a DJ, she joined us at the store.

A quick chat, turned into a fun yakking session of close to an hour, in which she explained that she loves the shine of latex, but that she isn’t into the fetish side of things.

As she remarked, “I usually run to my vendors on fetish sims, trying not to blush too much”.

Name : Danish Design
Owner : Pip1 Boa


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