Monday, September 27, 2010

Hugo's Design - Bound

A skimpy, strappy new release from Hugo’s Design, this outfit is simply called Bound.

Bondage bunnies will squeal with glee, I’m sure ;)

If the naked look is a little too bare for you, these straps look good over other clothes.. spruce up those jeans!

No, I kid. Bound totally improves the look of a plain catsuit, though.

(Cute little red censorship heart not included.)

Don’t forget to visit Hugo’s regularly to see the sale items.

Two new items at 70% sale price are out now, Berrie and Lucid.

Look for the red-framed vendors at either end of the main store.

Ok now this is something you don’t expect, Bound leaves you nearly naked and still Erik managed to pack the folder with 21 items.

Well, i did count the picture, LM and thank you note, still 18 clothing pieces in the pack.

There are a few options but mostly it’s a belt harness and like i said in the Squeaky Rubber post a while back, this is an essential for a sub.

The belts look pretty sharp and they are just the right size to look good.

All the versions come in all the 3 cloth layer so you can wear it over your favorite catsuit, try a POC blood-red it really makes the belts pop.

To save our PG rating Mistress added one of her hearts, for the nipples Erik kindly include a couple of nipple covers.

So run to Hugo’s and get bound.... and this time the sim-server won’t mind *winks*

Name : Hugo's Design
Owner : Erik Hugo


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