Friday, September 10, 2010

Vocally Challenged?

A designer of pony items has requested some help from the pony community to aid with a product in development.

A female with a microphone is required to provide "voice-over" sounds on a product in development.

Anyone interested in lending a voice to this project, please drop me a notecard in world, or leave a message here - making sure to include your SL name so that someone can get back to you.

I would also like to remind any of you designers or builders that if you have a product you would like featured here in the pony section, please contact myself, Jaydana Thorne - this is especially important if the product is no transfer.

I got news of a new HUD and had planned to give it my once over this week, however, as the item was no transfer and had been sent to Deirdre, I was unable to do so.

Maybe next week?

Anyone looking for a cheap Anthro pony avatar should take a peek at slave for bondage

Heading East up the gangway on landing, and then turning South (left) at the Prim Optic Vendor, follow the wooden path and on your right, just before you enter the meadow, is a pile of boxes containing these wonderful, if entry level quality, anthro pony avatars.

These are great particularly for those unsure about spending potentially huge amounts of money on something only to discover it is not for you.

While cheap, these avatars are cute, cheerful and fun, and while there, why not explore the rest of the Slave for Bondage sim too?

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