Thursday, September 9, 2010

Maison Broceliande - Puppy Fetch Game

So you have a puppy. Maybe she’s wearing K9 gear, and looking terrific.

She follows you around on your leash, and if you found good AO, maybe even curls up at your feet or whatever.

But if you want to *play* with her, here’s a cool toy from Broceliande : The Puppy Fetch Game.

This is one toy that actually goes to the owner rather than the pet.

An included note explains the mechanics, and another gives some rather stern rules for puppy play.

I was able to throw the toys (mouseview, click - dead easy) about 15 meters. Plenty for play, you don’t really want this to turn into a crawling marathon.

The fetching attachment worn by the puppy is transfer but no copy. You get two, which should be fine unless you have a kennel ;)

Ok, this isn’t a new release but we think this is so much fun we just had to show you.

The fetch game is a simple two part system, the owner wears the toy thrower attachment and the puppy wears the fetch attachment.

When the owner throws the stick, bone or ball the item flies across the field and the puppy can chase it.

When you get to the item the fetcher automatically picks it up and places it in the puppies mouth, please remove muzzle before play. *winks*

When the puppy returns to the owner the item is dropped at the feet of the owner, just like a good puppy should.

As you might expect from a MB product the texturing is pretty good.

Name : Maison Broceliande
Owner : Yhis Khorana


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