Wednesday, September 1, 2010

VvB - Fame V3 and Prima Donna Ballets V3

Viktoria called us with a few new updates to her Version 3 line : the awesome Fame boots I’m wearing here (with my no less awesome Dangerous outfit from Addictions!).

Viktoria is literally re-doing every boot in her store. Progress is steady, and she calls us every month or so with the news... the end is in sight ;)

The shape of the foot is the first thing I noticed on Fame. It is very elegant, with a short and slender toe box and excellent curve to the foot - this is an authentic-looking high-heeled boot.

The shine applied to the V3 line makes the boots seem grey if you catch them just right (ie perfectly perpendicular to the surface in bright light), but from every other angle, you get a deep black shine.

The buckles and grommets on the (many!) straps are colorable from a menu, to match your outfits, with colors like bronze, gold, silver, and even black, for that stealthy spy look ;)

Yes guilty as charged, i just can’t stay away from good-looking ballet boots like VvB's Prima Donna.

You should know these by now, these are the newest update, she has been tinkering on the foot-shape and the reflections.

The improvement on the reflection it obvious, the shape takes a bit of comparing, but it really is quite an improvement.

The Slaverina version, aka the locking version, should be available this weekend, if RL permits.

The boots are no-copy yes-trans, so Viktoria can adjust them for you if needed. Generally Vik’s boots fit Mistress and me straight out of the box.

Name : VvB Stiletto Heels
Owner : Viktoria Brandenburg



  1. While the boots look superb, I won't be buying them. I refuse to purchase _ANYTHING_ on SL that is not "+copy -X-fer". If alternate versions were offered with those perms, I'd buy it, but as it stands I will not be giving them my business until that changes.

  2. I understand your feeling, and I have passed your comment on to the designer. While I like a transferable item (nothing like making a newb's day by giving her an old outfit), I do like boots to be mod and copy so I can tweak them.

  3. Wow, didn't really expect much of a response to my frustrated mini-rant there. Tho admittedly the idea of handing something off to a Noob is useful, I tend to be a bit of a kit-basher and mix and match a LOT of things... and admittedly probably use outfit parts in ways not originally intended. Comes from using a furry avatar on SL, you HAVE to be willing to mod anything and everything to fit, especially fetish gear.