Monday, October 4, 2010

L and G - Oceana

We found L&G on one of our regular shopping trips at the Rubber Room mall.

We followed a link that dropped us on the third floor - be very careful if you land there by mistake : that tiny section is for buying franchise vendors. (The big red Stop signs should be a hint that you’re not in the main store).

Oceana, then, is Lava’s latest release. It’s a neat outfit, and all the details are right : mod pants, gloves for painted nails, good pic in the box to show your friends. It all screams “professional”, and we see a *lot* of boxes, so trust me when I say that ;)

The stripes are good, and so are the reflections. Even the crotch area (where most designs break down) is quite good.

The store has a cool, industrial look to it, with a group of marble statues in the middle that might seem a bit out of place, but don’t look bad at all.

See Lava’s blog for her latest releases :

Don’t adjust your set, this isn’t your screen having a defect.. *winks*

Vertical stripes aren’t something i’ve seen on a catsuit in SL so far, so bonus points for that.

Another fun thing is that when you wear the “gloves” your fingernails are painted in a matching color to the outfit.

The pants are full mod so you can adjust length, fit and cuffs, so you can adjust them to fit the shoes or boots you are wearing.

The breasts aren’t fully covered, but the top is busy enough that you don’t feel naked.

Finally there is a spike collar include in the kit, it doesn’t have any scripting, open collar anyone?

Name : L & G
Owner : Lava Babii


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