Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Duce - Bad Dogs 2

We were hanging out at Mesmerize (told you it was a happening place!) when we saw someone wearing those gorgeous fetish boots : Bad Dogs 2, by Duce.

They are an astonishing 233 prims, and it shows. A good fraction (I’m not sitting here and counting them, sorry!) is made up by the laces and grommets.

The cool ankle strap looks like it could hold a spur in place nicely - maybe in version three.

The texture is quite good, with good leather folds on the ankle.

A good resize script is included, and it’s a real treat to watch it resize every prim one by one. Out of the box, I just hit -5% on each boot and I was there.

A v2 invisi sock is included, and the invisi shoes are not part of the boot. We’re getting nearer to v2 every day, and it’s a *good* thing... I may believe that if I repeat it enough ;)

These boots were love at first sight, seems to happen quite often to us. *smiles*

As Mistress said we found them at our new fetish meeting place, Mesmerize Dungeon, the place hasn’t let us down yet.

The store is in a nice mall, which we are bound to explore very soon so keep watching this space for more.

Hope these are the first in a long line of fetish boots by saint these show real promise.

Name : Duce
Owner : saint Atlas


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