Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Marianne's Boutique - De Lingerie / Paprika

Marianne is the DJ at Rubber Room, and a sweet lady, so it’s fun to be able to feature one of her cool outfits.

In the De Lingerie line, this is Paprika, in a yummy red that matches Bax’s Venitian Red ankle boots as if they had a meeting before release ;)

It’s a simple, ingenious outfit : the stockings with attached garters are on the pants layer and the bottom is on the underwear.

Of course this means your stockings are footless, but seriously, how often are we barefoot?

Handless gloves complete the look. The shine is muted, not overpowering, and the level of detail is good.

Marianne’s has a good variety of lingerie and fetish outfits. Drop by Rubber Room and you’ll probably see the designer modeling them ;)

While at one of the regular Rubber Room parties we noticed the original outfit the DJ was wearing.

Closer inspection showed us that it was her own creation, seems Laz from KK isn’t the only designer DJ or is it DJ designer.

After the party Marianne gave us a quick little tour of her shop, but as it was late and she had just done a double shift at the club she said her goodbye.

Somehow we lost the LM to the store and we rediscovered the store after another RR party.

This time we pounced and picked out something we liked and there is a lot to like in Marianne’s Boutique, especially at her low, low prices.

Name : Marianne's Boutique
Owner : Marianne Breguet


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