Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Eclectic Randomness - Siren Avatar

Tron Legacy seems to have captured the heart of designers in SL.. any metaverse reference is good, I think :)

This is the Siren avatar by Eclectic Randomness : one in black and one in white (sold separately, as they say in the commercials). The neon highlight colors almost make different outfits, and I wanted to show some of the variety here.

They’re pretty realistic, if you don’t look at the footwear, but I think Winter’s boots are more fun.

I found a large picture featuring the white Siren character, and I just had to share it with you.

And if you loved the movie, here’s a cool gallery of authentic props and costumes.

Hey, maybe someone will make a light cycles game in SL.. how cool would that be? :)

The Siren is a full V2 avatar, and comes with everything you need for your SL, well almost, sadly no partner included. *winks*

Like i said you get everything, from skin, shape and Ruth hair-cover to boots, catsuit and back pack.

All in all 23 parts in the smartly disappearing box, i just love that little, rezz, give contents, disappear, act of Winters boxes.

Ok, back to the outfit, the hair and skin, especially the make up look spot on to me. You get auburn, ebony platinum, silver, snow and steel color hair in the package.

I think she has taken a few little liberties with the costume, but it looks great to me.

With the supplied HUD you can change the neon colors on the suit, there are 18 colors to choose from, and small warning here, changing the colors is almost as addictive as popping bubble wrap.

Great looking outfit, loads of fun and more addictive than those silly executive desk toys, what more could you want. *smiles*

Name : Eclectic Randomness
Owner : Winter Ventura


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