Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Dire Fang - ShadowBox

We were introduced to Miika by Pet (and we’ll even tell you who Pet is soon!) when she began creating an interesting picture frame some time back, and the project evolved into this elegant and original piece of art : the ShadowBox, by Dire Fang.

This is more than a simple frame : if you look closely at the contents, you’ll note that they’re on different planes, giving a stunning impression of depth.

Each element was created in a 3D program, and rendered, brought in Photoshopped, tweaked, massaged, and hairsprayed in place - who am I kidding, I know 3D design like cats know Tuesday.

The finished product, then, benefits from the expertise of someone who understands 3D, giving you a trompe-l’oeil display to showcase your favorite doll.

There are five different boxes at the moment, with more in the works that should include background packs, multiple avatar poses, and positioning features.

Miika would be very happy to receive feedback, so if you get a box, don’t hesitate to call and let her know how you like it.

Now here’s something new, how about putting your loved one in a piece of art, Miika from Dire Fang has made it possible.

The ShadowBox as she calls it is a 3D piece of art, in which you can lock up your favorite doll.

The box is fully RLV compatible and with the right relay it takes control of what the vict.. ehh artwork can see.

The controls can be set to an owner or public and for the self-bondage lovers there is a timer function, though be careful, if the controls are set to public you might spent some time as a nice piece of art.

Lovely bit of original thinking and great execution the 3d art is superb, keep an eye on Miika, i’m sure there is more exciting stuff coming from her.

Name : Dire Fang
Owner : Miika Forager


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