Monday, February 21, 2011

ImpWerks - Hyper Gloss Latex Catsuit.

We always have an eye out for interesting textures and shines, and this candy apple shine catsuit definitely caught our attention.

ImpWerks calls it Hyper Gloss Latex, and I have to agree. When you look at it just right, the reflections are quite impressive.

The vendor pics are cleverly accessorized - good idea, showing an example of what can be done, but it would have been fun to name the store where the extras may be purchased.

The price is excellent - it may encourage you to get all the colors ;)

The store is absolutely brilliant, using the land features in a truly clever way I hadn’t seen before. Definitely worth visiting Lower Wythburn. (A wyth, a wyth! Burn her!)

Ok POC is still king of the shiny latex but ImpWerks has added a lovely skyline to the reflection.

In the box you get all the layers except for the jacket, but most of you will wear your corset there anyway. *winks*

The catsuit comes in ebony (black), ice (white), amethyst (purple), neon blush (pink), starlight (blue) and the candy apple (red) i’m wearing here.

A great cheap base that will brighten up any outfit, so go get yours before they run out.

Name : ImpWerks
Owner : Imp Trollop


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