Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Latex Station - Outlet Store and Lena Catsuit

Introducing Lena, Latex Station’s latest release. I’ll let lelo give you the facts, and I’ll stick to the gossip ;)

Well, news, really : Chill3 just opened an awesome-looking outlet store, featuring her older designs, freeing the main store for her upcoming releases. (In fact, we just visited it, and it’s full... so she’s opening a second outlet next week!) As you'd expect in an outlet, prices are chopped by 50%.

As for location, it’s in the Freedom continent, a very neat place you should be aware of, and which we’ll be covering soon. Let’s just say she’s next door to Bondage Ranch and Think Kink ;)

There’s a big revamp coming to the main store as well : no more space station, and the architecture will be similar to the outlet’s.. and I have to say, I loved it at first sight. More as it develops.

We’re a fetish blog, so I’ll get back to topic : Chill3 sent me a pic of her latest release for men, called Paco, and I promised I’d show it to you even though we lost our male model. (hint hint, fellows!)

The Lena catsuit is the latest creation from Latex Station for the girls and comes in transparent, silver, red, purple, pink, orange, blue and black.

You get 3 pants options: the catsuit version Mistress is wearing, the jazz pants i’m wearing and a bathing suit option.

You also get a pair of matching stockings and gloves in the pack.

The texturing is very good, with well-placed highlights and some lovely laces on the front and the back.

The Lena is another attempt of Chill to get latex into mainstream clothing and i must say she did a great job, not church wear yet, but good clubbing wear any day.

Name : Latex Station
Owner : Chill3 Mills
The Main Store SLURL :


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