Thursday, February 17, 2011

MayCreations - Xtreme Snake Leather Boots

Some nice new ankle boots for my (surprisingly small) collection, these are the Xtreme Snake Leather boots from MayCreations.

As they’re v2 only (theoretically), I had to do a bit of work to be able to wear them (attach to lower leg, fit, wear invisiprims) but they are totally worth the few minutes of effort.

The shape is quite elegant, and the laces and ankle straps are works of art. The texture is a fun snake skin print, so I wore my semi-matching Alien Leather catsuit

Maymay and her sweetie Morton are totally into the biker lifestyle, and the store is an absolutely cool hangar.. do visit and have a look, it’s worth seeing.

They're also on the SL Marketplace :

It’s been a while since a pair of boots in a mall vendor caught our eye but these did.

For me it was the impossible high arch and spiked heel with the lethal metal tip that caught my eye.

The prim work is very good, someone spent some good time on the laces and the fun little belts around the ankle.

The boots come with a simple, free walk AO, which you can use in case you don’t have your own AO, so no sexy walk in the boots, sim owners will thank you for that.

Resizing is simple, just stand on the supplied pose stand and the built-in re-sizer comes to life.

Great fashion boots with a definite kinky edge, now please make them with a hidden platform and we are bang on in Vogue. *smiles*

Name : MayCreations
Owner : Maymay Matova


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