Friday, February 18, 2011


A long standing creator of many fetish items, including pony tack, and one long overdue for including here.

Vendors offer a selection of hooves, tails, harnesses and latex catsuits as well as hooves and tails.

You can also buy a complete pony set which includes everything needed to get a pony started.

The show hooves set are lockguard and lockmeister compatible, and so can be used in conjunction with other restraining devices you may have.

One of the more unique items available here is the flicky tails - animated tails that flick and swish.. a nice touch.

Trilobite has been around for what seems like eternity, and so is a must-visit store for anyone looking to change or acquire new tack.

Be sure to visit either the main adult store, or the satellite stores.

The SLURL's : (Mature)

On a side note, I have been wondering just why it is that no one has yet made a viewer 2 compatible set of pony hooves?

Surely, an alpha layer hoof set would eliminate the need for invisiprims, which will in turn reduce lag a little.

Something I feel sure many ponies would appreciate.

So come on designers of pony tack, why not give it a go and make the ponies of SL happier by giving us what we want.

Nice looking hooves that do not rely on invisiprims! Please!

By the way, don't forget to keep checking our Pony Directory. It is now well under way, and packed full of landmarks to go train your pony.

(Or if you are a pony, landmarks of all the places I have found so far that cater to ponyplay.)

And don't forget the Stores and Upcoming Events sections to keep up to date with your tack, and join in some friendly competition.

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