Thursday, February 24, 2011

Pet - Personal Fetish Shopper

Today we have a special treat. Every post before this was of a product or place : today we feature a service. Diaperedpet Jewell is a good friend of ours, and a personal shopper for fetish lovers in SL. With encyclopedic knowledge (she frequently tips us off!) of the clothes, boots, and toys we love, she can take you to that perfect outfit or toy.

Deirdre Young: How long have you been shopping in Second Life? And how long have you been offering your services as a personal shopper?
Diaperedpet Jewell: I have been shopping in SL, ever since someone told me my clothes were shabby and took me by the hand and helped me out, I have been offering my services, for about two years now.
DY: Who were your first clients? friends, references?
Pet: My first clients were my sisters, but my Mistress would introduce me to her Domme friends, and she would mention my custom clothes, and the Dommes would ask for something special, and that's how it started.

I used my good relationship with store owners to help out people who wanted something unique and custom.
DY: Ahh. Yes, you do like your custom designs :) Do you find most designers are willing to do custom work ?
Pet: Some are, but you need to be friends and be genuine, not fake. Designers can see right through that, but I was absolutely sincere, I loved their creations and would use proper manners when I asked for their time in making me something special and one of a kind, keeping in mind that they have a store to run and that's first priority.
DY: So suppose I wanted your help.. how would we proceed?
Pet: You would IM me, and we would talk. I would look at what clothes you’re wearing, learn your style, your favorite colors, and take you to certain stores.

If you tell me you want leather, I'm taking you to XTC or Avid; if you say elegant, intimate latex, then it's Hugo's. If you tell me Industrial Latex, then I choose Latex Station because of the look.

If you’re specific and maybe want theme latex, then I would take you to Kayliwulf Kingdom for the sheer number of designs, but I'm going to listen to you first, then escort you to stores you don’t already know.
DY: Have you had challenging requests?
Pet: Yes absolutely. I hunt down anything people want, so one guy had me find him a pair of World War 2 German boots, and they were quite tough to find. That was probably my hardest. Currently I am escorting some Dommes to get ballroom dresses for a ballroom dance at Estate Obscure Friday.
DY: What's the typical cost for a shopping trip with you?
Pet: I don't charge per hour, people usually give me fair and good tips. Personal shopping is something I love doing so much, I could do it all day. It's a thrill seeing someone happy with the results and time you put into making them pleased.

Sometimes I get ripped off, other times I have been tipped 20,000 L, but honestly a few thousand is polite, because I'm taking my time to help you, and I am going to insure you are happy and satisfied
DY: Do you get a lot of repeat business?
Pet: it's truly an honor when Domme friend's of mine say "pet dresses me, or pet is my clothier" and they recommend me, I get lots of repeat business and I always send my friends LM's or let them know if I see something they will enjoy.
DY: Anything you'd like to say as a conclusion?
Pet: I'm easy to approach, and me helping you, allows you more time to spend with your girls or whatever you enjoy doing.
Deirdre again : I’ll just add that we spoke to satisfied customers of Pet’s and they were uniformly satisfied (impressed, too!) with Pet’s services.

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