Thursday, March 31, 2011

Dark Jewel - DJ Chopper Type A

Another tip by Pet.. I swear, I’m giving her author access in here soon ;) This is the DJ Chopper Type A, by Dark Jewel.

While it may look and handle like a good motorcycle, it’s much more than that. This is a RLV toy suitable for abducting and driving off with bondage bunnies hitchiking on Linden roads :)

The detailed menu comes with a wagonload of options, for changing everything from colors to riding controls : you can pop wheelies, or change the turn speed (note that one, it’s shift + arrows - at default, the bike takes wide, leisurely turns).

And while I think of black vans with stolen license plates when I think abduction (not that frequently, I promise!), there’s a certain charm to hog-tying and strapping your sweetie on your saddle and riding off into the sunset.

The bike is copy, and there's an unlock button allowing you to equip an entire biker gang

Dark Jewel has a number of motorcycles and assorted vehicles, and there’s a good demonstration space available at the store. There’s even a pony cart coming - stay tuned to this blog for more news!

Well this is something different for us, but not as far off topic as you might think.

The ones that have met us in SL might know that Mistress usually wears her Leather Goddess tag and mostly wears leather and with this comes a love of good looking motorcycles.

We have seen, driven and drooled over quite a few bikes in SL, but the RLV feature swung it for us, we just had to feature this bike.

The amount of scripting that has been put into it is quite amazing, from changing the way you sit on the bike to the color of most parts of the bike.

One great function for sim owners who love to put some of these bikes on their sim is the return option, which returns the bike back to it’s original place if it’s no longer in use.

To sum it all up, a well scripted, easy to drive bike with a very fun extra feature, you could have some fun on Bondage Ranch with this bike, see who is wearing a relay so you can pick up them up. *smiles*

Name : Dark Jewel
Owner : Zal Liotta - scripts by Valdera Zarco



  1. Thank you for writing about the Dark Jewel motorcycles. These motorcycles are a substantial and special part of what I have scripted in Second Life. They received all the tedious, premium level attention I knew to give them during their early beginnings, and they will always be connected to their free updater.

    I loved seeing "wagonload of options" in your description of the Type A, and also the part where you said "the amount of scripting that has been put into this is quite amazing" made me feel great too. I have a little more good news to add to that. The actual script count of the Type A is only 11 scripts. 11 scripts is very light on server memory consumption.

    Valdera Zarco

  2. I wanted to thank everyone at Second Life Fetish Fashion and all our loyal and happy clients who have given us such wonderful support.

    Days of real time work went into creating the unique textures and build quality that define the look of our capture bikes and cars and of coursed the scripting is a work of art in itself by my good friend and companion Val.

    It means a great deal to us to hear professionals of the calibre of Deirdri, Lelo and Pet praise our work, and to see people return again and again to play with and acquire our products.

    Again, our thanks to everyone from the team at Dark Jewel

    Dark Jewel

  3. Firstly I know Zal, but this is a truly unbiased comment.

    She and Val are as proud of the performance of this bike in terms of handling as they are in terms of its RLV features. I've been on it and it is just so much fun, it's so good to find something like this were as a sub you can be slung over the back and taken off to a quiet secluded spot by a domme clad in leathers, feeling like her little biker bitch, it is simply an amazing piece of design, scripting and fetish fun.