Friday, March 18, 2011


Saleena Alcott of Saleena's Boutique contacted me, giving a sneak peak of some of her newer creations, along with some older items not on sale.

One of the items that really caught my attention was one of her older sets, named Jousting.

So today I set up a small skybox area and arranged to set the jousting set up.

As this was an older set, the scripts were, notably, out of date.

So Saleena came over and spent a good amount of time tweaking the scripts, in an attempt to get it working again.

And as is typical with SL, there were a few bumps. And thank you to amber eizenhart and Amon Kira for being patient with the numerous runs up and down the track.

For those not familiar with jousting, go see "A Knight Tale" - fantastic movie, and soon, we should be able to get our favorite ponies involved in some fun jousting too.

Please accept my apologies for the low quality pics, but my PC was freezing up when i tried for a higher resolution.

The jousting set should hopefully soon be ironed out, and so, keep a close eye on Saleena's boutique, the landmark for which is on the Pony Directory.

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