Thursday, May 26, 2011

Freedom - Blacksilk Academy

Next on our tour of the Freedom continent is an education facility called Blacksilk Academy.

The brainchild of Ravena Decuir, it sits on the Blacksilk sim.

Roman architecture seems particularly well suited to outside classes - if a philosopher in a toga walked up, I wouldn’t blink.

Ravena has made available a collection of informative notecards in the library (the round-roofed building) on a number of good D/s subjects.

Classes are mostly one-on-one with Ravena, and she has some good instructors joining her.

One of them is Forceme Silverspar. She has been giving her own classes in SL for over three years.

Her curriculum of 10 classes is given every week on Wednesdays at 11:30AM, SL time, and repeated at the same time on Saturday. See her full schedule here :

You’re invited to contact both ladies directly for more info or to make an appointment.


There are huge changes coming to Freedom, so here’s a little scoop, courtesy of Serjourn Daxter :

The three “winter” sims are going. Bye bye Sine Qua Non, Ravenia and Fetish Network, we hardly knew ye. So does North Star, the westernmost sim.

Blacksilk and Pirandello Bay move north of Damsel/Bondage Ranch. This is already under way, we nearly didn’t have pics to show you of the academy tonight ;)

New sims are joining Freedom : Vesta Amor will be north of the newly moved Blacksilk.

Blue Spirit, a pony sim, will be east of Forbidden Sins - and our new friend Ponybound Resident will set up shop there :)

Billie’s, the popular jazz club, will remain on Blacksilk.

Basically, I’d say check the map frequently ;)

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