Tuesday, May 3, 2011

CorinS Fashion - Classic Latex Ankle Boots and Sarita 2 Latex Catsuit

Hikari is an old friend, and another power shopper. We hopped chairs and explored SL together years ago, and she still calls now and then and feeds us awesome tips, like Corin’s Fashions.

We nipped over and found this lovely open-side outfit called Sarita 2, which suited Hikari nicely - she’s tricky to dress, with the stripes and all.

Since it was her tip, I suggested she model for us - our first furry model, I believe :)

Corin’s store is already big, sporting a good variety of original outfits - no watered-down copies here, she has her own style.

If you buy something and get an overpowering urge to show it to your sweetheart (or total strangers, what do I know?) there’s a runway at the back of the store. Have fun!

Woohoo, a new latex designer to join our blog, we do love new blood on our pages, nothing to do with last Thursdays post though. *winks*

The lovely ankle boots are V2 only as you might expect and come with a simple prim re-sizer.

The texture of the boots match the clothing very good, so perfect to make a matching outfit.

The catsuit, which has some original cutaways, comes in two versions, open or closed, and you get underwear and regular wear layers so you can mix and match.

Corin offers her clothing in 6 basic colors and her quality and collection is amazing considering she only started 2 months ago.

Give CorinS Fashion a look, when you love latex you’ll be sure to find some great additions to your wardrobe.

Name : CorinS Fashion
Owner : Corin Serenity


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