Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Thalias Fashion - High Fashion Boots - Black

As I will tell anyone who’ll sit still long enough (and I’ve used duct tape for that purpose so watch out when I start talking, mmmkay?), there were boots before there was boot fetishism.

So a nice classy fashion boot will always get squeezed in here even though they’re not necessarily tagged as “fetish” boots by everyone.

This is the case with this lovely boot from Thalia’s, called simply High Fashion Boot.

The foot is absolutely excellent, with a slender, eighties-style stiletto heel. Add a slender ankle strap, some good folds (both in the sculpted upper and in the texture - really great work) and you have a nice dress boot, suitable for jeans or a dress.

The footwear section is at the far left once you come into the store proper.

Thalia’s store is big, very clean, with the classy feel of the better high fashion RL places.

The price is simply stunning : 100L$ for these excellent boots is hard to beat.

The name says high fashion but the heels says fetish to me, but then every boot with more than 4 inch heels is fetish to me. *winks*

The store is pretty big and takes a few minutes to sink in, the add on sale of the shoes and boots, next to the outfits is brilliant.

In the entrance area, next to the new items, you’ll find some fun free gifts for group members, always a nice touch.

As you might expect the boots are V2 only so Mistress used her POC invisiprims to hide her lovely feet.

Add a nice little black dress and you’ll have the perfect party outfit.

Name : Thalia’s Fashion
Owner : Thalia Tal


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  1. Thank you for taking the time to visit my store and for your well written and kind review. I'm extremely happy you enjoyed my product and hope to see you at the store soon! :)


    Thalia Tal
    Thalia's Fashion Collection