Monday, May 30, 2011

Emelle Latex Fashion - Kristy's Dream and Lucy

A tip from our friend Candi Ragu led us to Emelle, and to some fun and original outfits made of a blend of fishnet and latex.

Mariana Latynina - Em Elle, get it? it took lelo a moment ;) - started designing latex in SL in 2007, and pioneered rendering the shine on latex with software of her own design.

I’m wearing Kristy’s Dream, and lelo has the Lucy outfit in pink. Thanks to Mariana’s friend Kristy for dreaming up the cool texture!

I love the mix of sharp lines and iridescent shine. The neck, sleeves and ankles are finished just like RL fishnet in the bodysuit version, or join with the gloves and stockings in the catsuit version.

Aside from her little shop, she keeps a vendor at Latexia so if you visit the Dolls, give it a look.

And we thought we had seen it all, but once again SL managed to surprise us.

Another old established name that we totally missed, offering an unique translucent latex.

Especially the oily look of Kristy’s dream is amazing, haven’t seen that before.

Lucy comes as you see it on me in underwear- and pants/shirt layer and is completed with matching gloves and stockings.

Kristy dreamed up a bit more than that and comes as a body- and catsuit, once again in both layers as Lucy.

Don’t try to mix the bodysuit with the catsuit gloves and feet, they don’t fit together.

Just like with Squeaky Rubber this is latex that you won’t see on every second AV on Bondage Ranch, making you stand out in a crowd, so go get yours before everyone does.

Name : Emelle Latex Fashion
Owner : Mariana Latynina


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