Monday, May 9, 2011

Jaimie Earst Fashion - Sandra

Sanda Rae gave us a call - she’s the manager of the Fetish Goth Club at Wardoom’s - and told us she had designed a catsuit with Jaimie Earst.

I was definitely curious to see it, and I’m happy to share it with you : Sandra, by Jaimie Earst Fashion (designed by Sanda Rae).

You can find it at Jaimie’s, of course, but Sanda put up a vendor at her club to help the poor unfortunates who arrive naked and barefoot ;)

That’s right, the catsuit comes with matching ankle boots - part of the reason for the middlin-high price.

Sandra is available in five colors : black, blue, red, green and white.

Just so you don’t say I never give you anything (aw, you don’t say that, I’m just kidding), here’s the Fetish Goth Club SLURL :

Sandra comes in 15 pieces.. hmm that doesn’t really sound right, but still that’s what you’ll find in the box. *winks*

This is a V2 outfit that offers you 3 tattoo layer options, catsuit, catsuit with hood and only the hood, for some quick dress up.

The separate clothes layer parts give you some fun extra options, like a corset, stockings and fun nipple patches.

Next to all the clothing options you get a pair of lovely texture matched ankle boots.

The boots have a smart little resize script and you can select the color of the metal parts on it.

Finally you’ll find the texture of the vendor in the box so you can show your lovely new outfit to your friends, very smart little sales trick.

Great latex starter kit, just add skin and shape and you are set for some latex adventures.

Name : Jaimie Earst Fashion
Owner : Jaimie Earst


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