Tuesday, May 10, 2011

XTC Leather - New Moon

This is XTC Leather’s latest release, New Moon. As you can see, it comes in four shades ;)

The nice folks at XTC had the idea to show them all at once, and I had to agree that it was a fun thought.

So Applegrl Shepherd and Diaperedpet Jewell (the famous personal shopper is now assisting Xaviar) dropped by the studio, and we had the pics snapped in no time flat - nothing like experienced models to zoom things along.

And while white leather with cool tints is fun, gorgeous, and a change from black, it *is* a bit of a challenge to accessorize.

This is where Pet jumps in with a brilliant suggestion : the new Bax ankle boots in metallic leather are an excellent match for New Moon’s flavors.

Here's a quick key to match boots to outfit :

Ice - Bax Metallic Blue Ankle Boots (Sky Blue shade)
Pink - Bax Metallic Rose Ankle Boots (Bubblegum shade)
Honey - Bax Metallic Gold Ankle Boots (White Gold shade)
Blush - Bax Metallic Rose Ankle Boots (Blush shade)

I think I'm going to get accused of encouraging expensive shopping again.. but, it's quality! ;)

New Moon isn’t that new, but Xaviar finally gave in to popular demand and made these new colors.

The new edition comes in, from left to right (in case you can’t tell one blond from another) : Ice which is the sky blue shade Mistress is wearing, I’m in the bubblegum colored Pink, Apple is in wearing the golden Honey and finally Pet sports the reddish Blush.

You get 5 clothing items next to the LM and the give away vendor picture, seems this is a trend with designers now.

You can make quite a few combinations with just those 5 items, there is a corset, gloves, stockings with suspenders, full pants and panties.

It’s great to see when designers listen to the wishes of their customers, even better when it produces a lovely outfit like this one.

Now run and get your favorite color...

Name : XTC Leather
Owner : Xaviar Thunders


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