Friday, May 6, 2011

Pole Bending Track

Yes, I know lately Saleena’s Boutique has featured frequently in this column, but that is because Saleena and I were brainstorming for new ideas.

One of the newer items now on sale from Saleena’s Boutique is the result of our ideas.

The Pole Bending Track.

And no, I don’t get commission. But it isn’t often that fresh new ideas for pony play activities come to SL, and so I got rather excited by this.

For those that don’t know what pole bending is, its a rodeo event.

Click here for an example.

The track utilises Saleena’s pony saddle vehicle to give everyone a fair run, and contains the scripts to prevent cheating.

The saddle vehicle comes on a temp rezzer so you don’t have to go out and buy a saddle of your own.

Admittedly, this is a variation on the classic slalom, but with the option to give saddle rides, while doing so, and the poles are spaced wide enough to allow a full gallop, with a rider, while weaving between the poles.

Touch a pole, and you don’t just get a penalty, the pole wobbles, or falls over.

The pole bending track is now on sale from Saleena’s boutique and is a fun addition to any pony ranch or stable.

This just proves that if you have an idea for something you feel might be missing from SL, there are people who will take it on to try and create it.

So if you do have ideas and don’t know where to go to try and get it made, let me know, and we can see if any of our designers will take up the idea.


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