Thursday, May 5, 2011

Freedom - Slaver Bay

First stop on our tour of the Freedom continent is Slaver Bay. The intro notecard starts with this paragraph :

“Welcome to Slaver Bay, a Kidnap Roleplay SIM with two big (RP) angles in the city: "Hornywood" a casting agency and movie studio, and "SinQuisition", the most dangerous nightclub in SL.”

While we haven’t touched upon it a lot, kidnap roleplay is popular in quite a few sims.

There is a sharp distinction between IC, in character play, and OOC, out of character communication.

Basically, if you don’t understand this distinction, heavy roleplay sims are not for you at this point.

(But don’t despair - classes are available, and we’ll cover them soon!)

You arrive in a small sky mall - yes, sim owners have to pay their tier - and a New York City Yellow Cab takes you to the streets of Slaver Bay.

The sim has a “good” dark feel and is best viewed with the world set to midnight, which is the sim standard.

There's a lot of streets leading to dark nooks and crannies in this inner-city sim. You can rezz your own vehicle, so we took a look around on a Dark Jewel chopper, seemed like the best way to stay somewhat in character.

There are quite a few live RLV traps on the sim so better beware or you’ll spend more time here than you would like.. or would you?

The rules are on notecards available in the center of the mall, and this Web site has the latest version. It points to a forum where you’ll find a lot of useful information.


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