Thursday, July 21, 2011

Cold Embrace - Chastity Belt

We were going through the Damsel mall - a Colosseum of a structure near Bondage Ranch - and I saw Cold Embrace’s stall, which reminded me that we hadn’t featured them in much too long.

Looking back at the last C.E. post, I realized that the harness gag would definitely have justified more pics - it really is a good-looking toy.

In the last year, we switched to a standard three-pic layout for the posts, naturally, without thinking about it too much.

It’s odd to go back to older posts that don’t quite meet up to the new standards. We intend to keep improving when we can, so this experience will be less odd with time, I suppose.

Yak, yak, yak. You want details, not philosophy. The Cold Embrace chastity belt is a fearsome-looking piece of gear. Nobody will mistake it for a bikini bottom!

Thick straps with reinforcing metal, belt loops, padlocks.. short of throwing your slavegirl in a cage, this is the best way to prevent any access.

It isn’t the cheapest device we featured, but we do believe in fair pay for all that work... just paying the blacksmiths must be half the price of this toy ;)

Guess who’s been a good girl this week? Meeeeeeee *smiles*

Two toys in one week, it must be getting close to Christmas.

The belt is a bit bulky, but then it should keep a girl out of trouble.

The scripting is very solid and pretty intuitive as it’s divided in easy to follow folders.

The belt can control all RLV functions but for those who don’t use RLV you can switch off the RLV functions so you won’t lag out the sim.

There are a host of plug ins, like timers, alarms or leash functions.

In Settings, you can set your owner and adjust the colors of the belt to match your current wardrobe.

In Tools, you currently have only one option, a strap on dildo, though it looks like there is room for future options.

I like the quick show/no show button to protect the innocent in PG area’s.

So if you are looking to keep your significant other safe from others or him/her self - or you just love a big metal belt! - here’s a great option from Cold Embrace.

Name : Cold Embrace
Owner : Nikala Thespian


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