Wednesday, July 20, 2011

VvB Stiletto Heels - Prima Donna Ballet Thigh Boots V4

Vik sent us the Prima Donna Ballet Thigh Highs a few weeks back, right on the heels of the Witch calf boots, so we held them back a bit.

As I’ve said, SLFF could be the VvB new release channel if we let it.. and it could almost stay a daily. ;)

The foot shape is visibly improved over the V3 Prima Donnas which we covered last year.

Once again, I remind you that Viktoria is very good about upgrading older models to the recent V4’s for her clients.

I have yet to hear anything bad about Vik’s work or customer service.

Yes i know it’s turning into an obsession of mine, a fetish almost, i just can’t let a pair of ballets go by.. so a quick sorry in advance.. hang in there SL will run out of ballets sooner or later. *winks*

As before the Prima Donnas are two-part thigh highs, so they take a bit of work to fit totally right, a problem we’ll have to live with till the Lindens finally get around to add mesh to the SL mix.

Again there is the now familiar HUD to control the look of your boots.

Next to the sizing option, pose and LM you get control over the color of the laces, trim and metal parts.

A single button click hides or shows the straps on the boots.

There are two version of the boots in the box, a “normal” and a RLV enabled version, the RLV version has a simple "click to lock" script.

Next to the HUD and the optional RLV function, clicking the boots will give access to the “old” sound and AO menu.

Again the usual VvB eye for detail, giving you some great ballets.

Name : VvB Stiletto Heels
Owner : Viktoria Brandenburg


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