Thursday, July 28, 2011

Dark ELF Manufacture - Think Kink Free Cuff Set

Nihal invited us to come have a peek at a new freebie cuff set at Dark Elf some time back, and as we’re doing some fun toys this week, I thought the time was right.

While these cuffs look a bit plain, they’re meant for you to discover the excellent scripting they contain, and to entice you to come buy some of the prettier DEM collars.

There are 2 scripts in each cuff, so 8 scripts total, not counting the collar. Each script is 16KB, for a total of 128KB.

For a comparison, it’s not unusual to see one pair of cuffs with scripts adding up to 5000KB.

Throw in some good poses (the leg cuff shuffle walk is really good!) and the TK III fit-everywhere system, and you have a fine set of RLV toys for the price.

The Dark Elf Manufacture is at the rear of the Think Kink store. This is a very full store, bring a bit of patience along when you visit ;)

We are spoiling you rotten this week another freebie tonight.

The script in the collar is based on the now freeware Dari House script, but Chloe did quite a bit of scripting on it herself.

It has the same options as the DEM Collar we tested a while ago, so no cheap tuned down version of the script for the freebie.

The look is quite plain, suffering a bit from what Mistress calls the black on black problem.

But remember, if you want great looks with the script check out what DEM has in the Think Kink store.

Now the cuffs, have the same look as the collar, but again this is about the script not the look.

The cuffs offer the wearer 2 option re-size and owner, the owner can lock and bind the cuffs.

Be aware that the cuff poses are set to the lowest priority so better not wear your AO with them.

Name : Dark Elf Manufacture
Owner : Nihal Quan & Chloe1982 Constantine


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