Friday, July 29, 2011

Le Manoir de Sade

“Jaydana is leaving us to pursue other opportunities...” ;)

No, we had a great time with Jay over the last couple of years, but RL beckons, so we wish her the best of luck.

But the Pony Correspondent column remains!

Lelo and I will continue keeping you informed about cool pony people, places and things.

My sweetie discovered a new pony sim, and we went to investigate : Le Manoir de Sade, which like other sims not exclusively devoted to pony play, nevertheless has an excellent pony (and puppy!) play area.

This is one of the only - if not the only - French pony-related sim we’ve found.

Sade was established in 2008, and a pony attempt was briefly made at the time, but the current pony group has been active for the last three months.

The sim is gorgeous, with lovely stone architecture and landscaping, and a number of fun little nooks to sit and chat.

The puppy area has a fun obstacle course with jumps, tubes, a balance beam.. it looks like quite a challenge.

The pony dressage field has a neat feature we haven’t seen elsewhere : you can select the markings for the figures on the ground with a touch on a sign in the fence.

Ponies train Wednesday and Sunday nights, usually. Angelique Redangel is in charge of the pony training.


Reminder : Sunday 12:30 is the pony procession at Xaara!

There's still time to call Jorden Grau and RSVP
if you want to participate.

See last week's post for details.

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