Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Kcreations - Leather Catsuit Set

Kat’s catsuits were the first freebies we covered, waaay back in October 2008.

Some of the very first latex I wore in SL was by KCreations - a lot of people can say the same, I think.

So when she called us with new leather catsuits, we were pretty happy to hear from her. First, she’s a good friend who we don’t see enough, and second, the designs were great.

Bright colors, subtle tints, great little details like seams and zips and prim parts.. the years of experience are really showing.

The pants version of the catsuit is not ideal for the included (and excellent) ankle boots - I wore them in the blue version to demonstrate.

You’ll probably want to wear the underpants version with the boots, and save the pants for shoes or such.

Drop by Kat’s store at Little Shop of Kink and pick up some of these extremely reasonably-priced two-color packs... but careful, it’s a place that leads to more fetish shopping ;)

Woohoo, Kat is back, the maker of the most worn free catsuit in SL is designing again.

First is the leather catsuit set, and a set it is, next to the catsuit you get color matched boots and collar.

The catsuit first though, in each pack you get two colors, light and dark blue, light and dark red, pink and purple and black and white.

You get a version with and one with out zipper in under and upper layer, the pants layer is flared where the underpants layer is skintight.

To round of the cloth layer bits you get gloves and socks, she got the leather effect down pretty good, really gives the dull speckled look of the real thing.

The boots are of a simple, and i don’t mean that in a bad way, design, clean is a better word i guess, they match the texture of the catsuit perfectly and have heels that a just a bit to high.

The posture color also has the same perfectly matched texture and the smart girl put in the open collar script, why do work if there is a perfect solution out there which you can use for free.

Good base outfit in nice bright colors, wait for the best in blue competition and you should win with one of these catsuits, no guarantee on that last one thought. *winks*

Name : Kcreations
Owner : Kat Fetisov


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