Monday, August 1, 2011

Violet Studios - Slinky

Violet Studio’s Slinky outfit couldn't be named better. This long slender latex dress with matching stockings and ballets will turn heads anywhere you go.

The high collar reminds me of some china dresses - although most of them have some kind of sleeve and don’t leave the shoulder bare, you see it now and then in modern interpretations.

The long hanging skirt may remind some of slave silks - good or bad thing, you decide. The stockings and boots definitely leave you more dressed than the average slavegirl.

I selected the folder and went Add To Outfit.. a maneuver that sometimes leaves me wearing posing stands, but lelo is good about it and doesn’t snicker. Much.

What happened today is that the studio lit up. Aside from my usual Sirena face lights, I was wearing no less than five body lights. You can see the difference between our first and second pic.

Be kind and select just the amount you need, mmkay? Friends don’t let friends glow like 500-watt bulbs ;)

High time for some serious latex again, courtesy of Hemi at Violet studios.

Small warning when you rezz the box, do it outside or you might ruin your ceiling.

When you open the box you will understand why it’s so big, you get 5 body lights in the kit.

Next to the lights you find the excellent color matched Violet Studio’s ballets.

You also get skin appliers for: eCorp, Icon, IN Uni’s, Lolas Naturals and of course Violet's own vString boobs.

The texturing on the cloth-layer is very good, just look at details like the folds near the bellybutton or the collar.

The outfit comes in the usual Violet Studio colors: white, orange, purple (worn by me), red (worn by Mistress), and magenta.

Let's hope Hemi keeps producing more of these wonderful latex outfits. Buying a few might inspire her to make more... so go go go... *winks*

Name : Violet Studios
Owner : Hemi Violet


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