Friday, August 19, 2011

Pony Places: Sala - New and improved

We heard from our friend Mel Melville that Cheryl Umarov was now at Sala, and that the place was undergoing some serious improvement.

We visited a couple of years ago, and I can say I don’t remember the pony area being this impressive.

While I haven’t (yet!) talked Mel into a permanent position on the Pony Correspondent staff, I’m not foolish enough to ignore her tips.

We visited Sala together, and it was really neat to share the exploration with a confirmed expert.

Examining the barn and finding water troughs, an excellent library, and just the most detailed work we’ve ever seen was a pleasant surprise.

The pretty pony in pink here is Swenyia Chuwen, she's an innocent bystander and the victim of a drive-by snap ;)

The steeple courses are covered in grass, almost obscuring the obstacles.. I love it!

I caught up with Cheryl today and asked a bit about the new developments.

She definitely intends to get things rolling at Sala. An event just today drew a nice big crowd, and we hear it was fun and quite a hot contest.

A lush environment, lots of play areas, and the most awesome inclined cart paths to cross between sims.. the new improved Sala is worth a visit!


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