Wednesday, August 24, 2011

PixelFashion - Bombast Bicolor

The Bombast Bicolor boots by Pixelfashion are available in a wide range of interesting textures.

Aside from the plain (so to speak) Bicolor I’m wearing here, there are versions with snake print, zebra and leopard.

There’s also a related model with a large number of spikes at the rear - when I say large, I mean I couldn’t rez the demo boot on our parcel ;)

The Bicolor, then, have six leather textures with a leather colored front and black rear, and three sole colors. The basic model has an alpha invisible for v2, but includes a box with v1.23 boots with invisiprims.

The boots arrive in a small, medium, and large versions. Combined with the included resize script, it took me moments to get these fitted.

The shape is beautiful - it’s that very much in-fashion-right-now hidden platform design, combined with a classic stiletto heel.

I reminded Amandine that we very much liked her PVC dress, and she promised to keep us posted... and we’ll pass the ball with webex - um, Blogger ;)

We found these boots on some girl at one of our hang outs, where we like to yak and look for nice new gear for you our esteemed readers.

So don’t be surprised to find us snooping your clothing when we see you wearing something new and exciting.

Shopping is so overrated. *winks*

This time we weren’t immediately in love with the look of the boots, but the shape caught our eyes.

When we saw they were from Pixelfashion we knew it was high time to pay them a visit.

When we arrived at PixelFashion we weren’t disappointed as Amandine made loads of versions of these lovely boots, so something for every one.
Name : :)(: PixelFashion
Owner : Amandine Arai

Quality9 8
Price8 8
Service8 8
Store8 8

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