Thursday, August 25, 2011

MdC - Latex Longsleeved Catsuit

The Latex Longsleeved Catsuit by MdC is a nice, inexpensive basic catsuit with deep cleavage and good reflections.

There’s a bit of black on black effect, but short of making your blacks grey, it’s difficult to avoid.

The vendor pic has apparently been lightly photoshopped to show the excellent details, but our pics are shot with bright lights and mid-day light setting - it ain’t getting much brighter than that without extraordinary measures, let’s say.

The cleavage is deep and daring.. you should turn a few heads with this outfit :)

Another fun Pet tip:

Sian Pearl is a blogger and a really creative dresser.

This post on her blog shows how she mixed and matched (an admittedly large number of) Graves outfits into some unique combinations.

She even has a Flickr collection of her outfit pictures - scroll to the end of her post for the link.

Go have a look, and tell her Deirdre (and Pet!) sent you ;)

Ok back to basics tonight, the fundamental black catsuit, this time by MdC.

In the package you get 4 parts, jacket, pants, shirt and underpants.

Where the tops match, the underpants are a shorter version of the pants.

The zipper on the back is well made and stops just above the tush.

In the front you get a nice cleavage making this more a party catsuit than a strictly fetish one.

Bondage bunnies will notice the lack of gloves and a high collar, so this one will work better with some good heels to party the night away.

So if you want to become one of Charlie's girls, you better get this one double quick.

Name : MDC Vanilla Pleasures
Owner : Madame Couturier


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