Friday, September 9, 2011

Help Wanted : Pony Columnist(s)

Hello everyone :)

Much as lelo and I love ponies and pony play, we are somewhat disconnected from the scene - the daily blog does eat a fair bit of our time.

So we’d love to find someone who is knowledgeable, has been around the ponyplay scene for some time, and who could give useful information to our readers.

It might be difficult to find a new thing to say every week.

If you want to join with the understanding that you’ll be on the team but not sole responsible, that works for us.

Topics to be covered include pony places, events, advice, gear... anything useful and entertaining. See the previous Pony Correspondent posts for inspiration.

I’ll add that we have on occasion covered puppy play as related to pony, so an occasional post would be welcome.

What else? Ideally you’re comfortable writing in English, even if it’s your second language.

I offer editorial support, ie I will mercilessly butcher your text and you will cry ;)

You should have time to explore SL; if you have an Owner, he or she must agree to your participation.

So if you want to join us in this cool adventure, send me a message inworld and let’s ride!

Deirdre Young

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