Thursday, September 8, 2011

Think Kink - Xaminator

We hadn’t heard from Think Kink in a while... some silences are ominous ;)

The evil minds (and evil little hands!) have been busy : the Xaminator here is just the first of a series of devices that will be coming soon, with entertaining names like Humiliator, Flytrap, and a number of others.

This entertaining toy, then, is not just cool-looking. It contains the latest version of the TK scripts, improved, lightened, and all the great taste with just half the calories.

In particular, one new feature bondage bunnies everywhere have apparently been clamoring for is the timer. In typical TK fashion, they made the coolest looking one around - no stupid floating text here.

What else? The usual PerfectPose (for TK - you need to look around a fair piece to find those features on other toys) adjustment to the avatar size system.

RLV enthusiasts should avoid (or come stand in reach of) the Graboid, whose pedigree is described in the card and which I won’t spoil ;)

Since this device isn’t all black shiny metal, there’s a nice set of colors you can set it to aside from the default red shown here. Even the metal can be changed - I like the silver and medical green combo.

Drop by Think Kink, and give the Xaminator a spin.. it’s the first thing inside the door. Have fun ;)

Boohoo a new toy from the girls at Think Kink, ohh wait that’s just the expression the toy puts on my face, doesn’t quite match my RL expression right now. *winks*

It takes a bit of work to adjust the pose but at least on this one you can adjust it and as you already know the toy, all of them in SL, will remember it.

The sound effects of the vibes are very realistic and add to the role-playing experience, i wonder how they recorded those, must have been quite some fun to do that.

The chair comes with some very nice goodies, like a RLV relay, cuffs, whip, dildo and paddle.

As a bonus with the cuffs, you also get a DEM collar. It's a basic model, but free is good, eh?

So get ready for hours of RPing fun, and don’t look so sad its all in good fun.

Name : Think Kink
Owner : Lyssa Daehlie & Ilana Debevec


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