Monday, September 12, 2011

Naughty N Nice - Justified Oxford

Lelo spotted the Justified Oxford shoes from Naughty N Nice at the Rubber Room mall, and I had to admit that they looked good.

There’s more to Naughty N Nice than shoes and boots, however. Nice and naughty clothes, skins, and a number of fun accessories I’ll let you discover.

I will add that her partner, Koose DeGroot, makes motorcycles so expect quite a bit of leather :)

The Oxfords are really fun, with an all prim look that suits patent leather very nicely.

While visiting the very classy and nicely laid-out store, I saw a sign mentioning a shopping event from Sunday September 11th to Monday the 19th.

Here are the details : there are 3 pre-selected items in the little mall around Naughty.

Be the first to buy one of them and you win a 5,000L$ shopping spree plus gift cards from other stores. Second gets a 1,000L$ spree and cards, third gets a 500L$ spree.

While you're shopping, keep an eye out for hidden freebies all around the sim, hunt-style.

Have fun! :)

How can you say no to a pair of classic Oxford pumps, especialy when they come with good sized platform and killer heels.

The prim work is quite good on these, i especially love the look of the laces.

You get a V1 and V2 option, so even those who just can’t say goodbye to the good old V1 viewers, these boots will work for you as well.

The boots come with a nice, easy to use, HUD that offers you control of the walking sound, size settings, skin tone and nail polish color.

I had to adjust the position of one boot and the second preset skin was a good match so thumbs up for that.

These boots come in: red suede, black suede (sorry no blue suede), zebra, spotted, skulls and spikes, tiger and Oxford, the classic version we feature here.

Name : Naughty N Nice
Owner : Nikita Lightfoot


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