Friday, September 30, 2011

Hu-Mares Stable at Stones N Rubber

Off in the region of Kinky Magic sits the transformation wonderland of Stones N Rubber (sNr), a place of latex coated dreams and frozen statue nightmares.

On the eastern side of this land, you’ll find the Hu-Mares Stable, on the main path around sNr, and at exit 1 on the Pony Highway. The Pony Highway is an elevated system of pathways around the island, affording carriage riders fantastic views of sNr.

Make sure to have your pony’s blinders on, otherwise they might crash your carriage over the guard rail as they enjoy the view too.

Hu-Mares Stable is one that caters to strict animal livestock treatment of its residents.

As one is transformed from a human into an animal, many restrictions are placed on them. The use of an RLV-enabled viewer, open collar or stable-provided implant, and pet hearing device is required to enforce restrictions and immerse the animal in the roleplay.

This is exciting to some (I’m getting tingley just writing about it), it represents one side of the spectrum of pony play that might be more than some can handle. From what I’ve observed, the life of a Hu-Mare is hard and requires much patience and dedication.

Those transformed into Hu-Mare Ponies may become Mares, which are permanent residents of the stable. The stable requires that one entering transformation choose between “classic” (typical ponygirl tack) and “rubber” (a specific latex outfit/look is welded permanently to the pony.)

Hu-Mares Stable’s facilities are well integrated into sNr. The barn has a number of stalls for the resident animals, as well as some guest stalls.

Adjacent to the barn is a training area, whip ring and walking track, where ponies will learn to adjust to their new situation under the strict supervision of Hu-Mares’ trainers.

A nice steeplechase jump course is near the barn, as well as a slalom course. Then there are all the roads and paths in sNr which are nice for carting, as well as the Pony Highway.

Occasionally events are held, such as a recent cart race on the Pony Highway. It was a very fun race, the excitement of a new course, seeing many pony friends, and the challenges of the course and environment (it was a very busy time for the island.)

If you are a pony looking for a month of hard work or a permanent home, perhaps sealed in latex, then Hu-Mares Stable at Stones N Rubber may be just the place for you. For me, its a nice place to visit (and shop), so you should definitely check it out.

Kendra Chemistry, Pony Correspondent

Name : Hu-Mares Stable at Stones N Rubber
Owner : Sinha Hynes

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