Monday, October 3, 2011

Restrained Freedom - Headcage

A brand-spanking new toy for lelo today, Restrained Freedom’s Headcage was released Friday... the pixels are still hot :)

This is one of the most spectacular toys we’ve seen around SL, and I’d also say one of the more original ones as well. The design just looks really sturdy and well-made.

There are no less than 39 slave animations in the cage.. just going through the list will keep you and your slave busy for an evening.

The resizer came in handy, as the yoke was a bit short for lelo’s long limbs.

The color change is fun.. you know I just had to put lelo in a gilded cage ;)

Woohoo it’s toyday today, a brand new way to restrain and i can’t say i’ve ever seen anything like this.

The cage is easy to adjust and i only had to re-size it a bit when i wore the yoke, which was zero fuss.

You can change the main look of the cage from silver to bronze or gold, and if that’s not enough you can add a secondary color to match your current outfit.

The cage comes with a HUD that really puts you in the cage as the bars block quite a bit of your view and with a simple push on a button your owner can even take that away and block your view with a mesh.

To keep you busy while locked in there are two “escape” games, one for the wearer and one for a no-key holder, loads of fun.

As you might expect the cage is fully RLV compatible and can be used as a relay.

At least now i know how a bird in a golden cage feels...very restricted... *winks*

Name : Restrained Freedom
Owner : Katie Paine


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