Thursday, September 15, 2011

Hugo's Design - Cordelia and Survey

Two cool bits of news from Hugo’s Design tonight : the Cordelia catsuit, and a cool survey that might let you win 1000L$’s worth of latexy goodness at Hugo’s.

Cordelia is a nice outfit, if a little plainer than the usual Hugo’s products. There are no straps or rings, although the cutouts in the closed version are pretty dramatic.

The black cuffs at the end of the colored sleeves are a nice touch. If you go diving with this outfit, most people shouldn’t freak out ;)

The survey is short : 10 questions plus a comment box.

At question two, if you happen to have heard about Hugo’s from us first, don’t hesitate to use the “Other” box and to enter “SLFF BLOG” ;)

If you want to be entered in the weekly draw for a 1000L$ gift card, make sure you enter your name at the end of the survey.

The link:

Cordelia is the newest creation coming from Hugo’s Designs, i would class this more as a party outfit than a fetish outfit.

Still, even a rubber doll like me needs some party clothes in her closet. *winks*

The main color of the outfit is the classic black latex, complemented by some fun colorful highlights, available in all the usual HD colors.

Next to the great Hugo’s latex texture, you get some great looking cutouts on the chest, making it sexy not slutty, and a very well defined zipper on the back.

The outfit comes with a choice of 3 versions of gloves, all long ending just past the elbow and coming in the main color, black with a main color band and finaly the main color with a black band.

He did the same trick with the stockings which dramatically changes the look of the outfit.

The finale choice you get is long or short sleeves all as you might expect from Hugo’s in all available layers including the tattoo one.

Name : Hugo's Design
Owner : Erik Hugo


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