Wednesday, September 14, 2011

T and T - Boots

Lullala gave us a call and invited us over to see her latest release, a pair of boots to use as an accessory to her famous chastity belt.

The heavy metal look to the boots definitely matches their intent : this is heavy metal restriction gear, not fluffy girls-just-want-to-have-fun fashion.

So turn on the cuffs, the straps, the spikes, the padlocks.. you know, these should come with a walking-with-metal-boots-AO ;)

The boots are just one of a couple of wall-fulls of accessories for the chastity belt, so make sure you have a look around the castle-store.

And if you have an older version of the chastity belt, you should get the update installed. Make sure you have time - it look lelo 10 minutes on a fast connection, and the process shouldn’t be interrupted.

The sign near the updater warns you to give things time to settle before taking off belt or plugins after the update. Knowledgeable staff is there to assist you if you need.

There’s a demo chastity belt you should definitely look at if you are interested in T&T products : it works for a half hour, giving you a good bit of time to learn the features.

The T&T crew have been at it again and made another addition to the ever growing belt family.

The belt controls all aspects of the boots, from the looks of the boots, which will automatically follow the looks of the belt, to the good old RLV options.

The options list is very long, too long for our blog, and the menu matches that length so better take some time to learn the ropes, or chains in this case. *winks*

Next to the color and texture change you also get the possibility to tweak the look of your boots by adding chains, d-rings and spikes to your boots.

These boots come only in a V2 version and come with 4 different height alpha layers.

Finally i just have to mention the lovely little locks on the boots when you lock them.

Name : S&M Design Castle
Owner : Lullala Lane & the T&T team.


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