Friday, September 16, 2011

Marine's Goodies - Riding Reins HUD

Deirdre here :Our search bore fruit! Please welcome our first new Pony Correspondent, Kendra Chemistry. That's right, I said "first"... stay tuned for more :)

While out on a nice cart or saddle ride with your ponygirl (or boy), have you ever longed for an easier way to role play holding and using your pony's reins? To save my typing fingers, I'd resorted to using gestures for things like "/me snaps the reins" or "/me pulls the reins to the right" when trying to role play reins.

Marine Kelley, of Real Restraints and RLV fame (and a very pretty ponygirl herself), has released a creation from her personal box of goodies, the Riding Reins HUD.

Riding Reins is a HUD that is worn by the rider/driver, which presents a set of signal buttons that will chat the emotes you would normally type, along with realistic sound effects. This is especially useful when your pony is blindfolded, and the emotes need to come quickly to keep them on the path (and out of the bushes or stream.)

While its possible for the pony to follow directions from just the chat, they can also wear a copy of the HUD (purchased separately) in a slave mode, to see the directions just as the rider sees on their HUD. The pony can then respond quicker and more precisely than they would if they were staring down at chat.

To use riding reins effectively, it takes a bit of practice for both the pony and rider. The pony must be trained to respond to the HUD, and the rider needs practice to predict when to give a turn, as different cart and saddle vehicles turn at different rates. This training experience can be both fun and frustrating, and requires a bit of patience.

Once both rider and pony have learned Riding Reins, I have found cart driving and saddle riding experiences richer. I'm very proud sitting in the saddle of my well-trained blindfolded pony while those around stand and watch in awe. Thank you Marine!

Marine's Riding Reins HUD costs 100L (2 are needed for the rider and pony HUDs to work in master/slave mode) and is available at Marine's Goodies vendors at her little shop in Pak and The Little Shop of Kink in Linesdale.

Name : Marine's Goodies (Real Restraints)
Owner : Marine Kelley

About Kendra: Kendra Chemistry is an experienced ponygirl trainer and owner, and may be spotted occasionally as the thoroughbred ponygirl, Aella. If you see her in tack, remember she likes bonbons and M&M candies as treats, apples and carrots not so much :)

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