Tuesday, September 6, 2011

IMing the submissive and Inspirations

If you enjoyed Vannesh Cannoli’s first video, IM’ing the Mistress, you’re in luck : she produced a second one, appropriately called IM’ing the submissive.

And while the IM’er is a male dominant, he certainly has spiritual sisters out there, collecting slaves as if they were pokemon.

Enjoy :)

IMing the Submissive
by: cannoligirl

I received a nice call from kif Mizin, of Inspirations, a store that makes Story of O-inspired dresses.

The dresses are formal gowns with a fun extra feature, they have a rather naughty option.

Your significant other has the possibility to remove (yay) or add (boo) panels of your dress, it even comes with RLV support and the RLV dresses have the extra option to remove the bra. *blush*

The dresses look good and would be great to wear for a formal dance like the ones that are all the rage on Freedom Island, they aren’t true fetish, but still worth a mention.


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