Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Violet Studios - Raptor Ballet Boots

More shiny shiny boots of latex from Violet Studios, these are the Raptor Ballet Boots.

Thigh length boots still means a leg part and a thigh part.. some of us are waiting for mesh for very specific reasons ;)

The Raptor are very shiny boots, and they match Hemi’s latex perfectly. I love the length, and the lacing at the rear is extremely well done.

There are four versions : zipped, laced, zip + straps, and laced + straps - lelo is wearing the laced version here.

Hemi has been busy again and we were promised she will have some other news pretty soon.

But first the things at hand, some great looking latex covered ballet boots.

The texture really gives the look of a latex covering over the boots, very smartly done.

The prim work looks good, pay special attention to the metal reinforcing the rear of the heels, love that. *smiles*

When you get these boots don’t forget to take the free Unlimited 2 HUD, which will unlock a host of options.

Most important the option to change the color textures of the boots (19 colors in all), but you can also change the lace color, metal color and the soles.

The HUD also gives you access to the resize option so you can fit the boots perfectly to your shape.

Now for some more good news, a knee high version of these boots should hit the store at any time.

Next on Hemi’s schedule are extreme heels, i just love projects like that, we’ll keep you posted.

Name : Violet Studios
Owner : Hemi Violet


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  1. Hemi already has ankle high ballet boots out. I expect the knee highs will be soon.