Monday, September 5, 2011

Latex Station - Eloissa Latex Catsuit and Fetish Fridays

There’s a lot of good stuff happening at Latex Station so I’ll let lelo cover the nice new Eloissa catsuit and I'll jump right in.

The first thing is, Chill has five 25L$ outfits available for the week (it was going to be only for the day, but she agreed to extend the sale for our readers... see how we spoil you?)

They’ll be replaced by five other 25L$ outfits Friday, so don’t wait.

Where are they? Aha! That leads right into the second cool thing : Latex Station is now holding Fetish Fridays events, in the cool club at the basement of the station.. the 25L$ outfits are on a wall of the club :)

Two DJ’s : DJ Sexy Kathy for the Best in Leather event from 4 to 6PM, and DJ Kronic from 6 to 8PM for Best in Latex.

Also : tons of sponsors offering cool gifts, gift cards from Latex Station, and boots from VvB.

That pretty much sounds like a don’t-miss event to me ;)

Well a doll can never have enough catsuits and in SL it’s affordable, with a bit of good searching, or knowing the right fetish blog it can be even downright cheap.

Eloissa is a pretty standard base catsuit with a very realistic shine, a must have base catsuit for every occasion, well SL fetish occasion. *winks*

You get 2 tattoo layer hoods in the pack : the cat hood as shown in blue, and the open-face hood shown in silver.

Next to that you get the catsuit in underwear and shirt layer, gloves and stockings are also included.

The black demi corset is a nice extra that’s also included in jacket layer.

The catsuit comes in all the standard Latex Station colors and here comes the best news, the silver version is free.

So happy combining and you can show of your ultimate creations at the Fetish Friday’s event.

Name : Latex Station
Owner : Chill3 Mills



  1. If you don't mind me asking, what are the ballet boots you're wearing? Where are they from?

  2. Hi Ceiri,

    those are my Fairlights,

    Have been wearing those from almost my first day in SL, to the dispair of a few good designer friends. *winks*