Friday, September 2, 2011

Z. Design - Puppy supplies

Zenga Ling has been making puppygirl (and boy) toys for a long time.

Zenga was not available so we decided to simply tell you about the store without doing our usual evaluation process.

The toys look good, and full puppy kits are not that common - otherwise we would simply move on.

Several interesting new developments were visible at the store : a muzzle with an animated tongue caught lelo’s eye, and a long awaited puppy AO hud grabbed my attention.

The toys are not inexpensive : 700L$ for the full kit, same for the AO.

So drop by, evaluate the toys for yourself (there are lots of demos to see), and maybe drop a line to Zenga telling her that the press is her friend... and she shouldn’t bite the hand that feeds her ;)


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