Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Red Devil - Cleavage Catsuit and Bumble Bee

Some fun new releases from Red Devil this week : the Cleavage Catsuit, and Bumble Bee.

Dementia also sent us the Sheer N Hot body, but we’re running out of room here, so you get it as vendor pic only (although it's very nice).

You’ll be amazed by the number of parts in Bumble Bee, as it comes in several versions - lelo explains it really well ;) It’s a fun outfit, and with Hallowe’en coming, it may win you a few costume contests.

The Cleavage catsuit has some really great reflections. In the colors, you get the feeling of transparent colored latex not touching the skin quite everywhere.

Note that the nipples are pretty prominent, so you’ll want to think about wearing something more on non-adult sims. Covers are hinted to be in the works ;)

The nice long black gloves are included with Cleavage, but not the boots, so I dug my nice old Kayliwulf strapped ones out of the closet... a good match.

Bumble Bee is a fun little outfit for those themed parties, though i’m sure that the average fairy will love the wings and i just adore the little stinger.

You get 3 choices in the package, black on color, color on black and only a harness in color, the color being one of the following: black, baby blue, blue, neon green, baby pink, pink, teal, silver, red and purple.

You get all the layers so you can mix and match them with your favorite catsuits, corsets or jackets.

The catsuit comes in the same colors as the Bumble Bee and offers you the option to go bare breasted, sorry no picture of that one guys, or not and it, once again, comes in all layers.

The reflections look great and i just love the white border around the tear shaped cutout.

In both cases, batteries.. ehh boots not included, just so you are warned.

Name : Red Devil
Owner : Dementia Razor


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