Monday, October 17, 2011

Hugo's Design - Erinyes and Wilo

Two simultaneous releases from Eric this week.. I think that means he discovered coffee ;)

I’m wearing Erinyes, a cool - if briefer than my usual - corset and garter outfit.

Erinyes, or Furies, are Greek deities of vengeance against the sacrilegious and oath-breakers.

How it inspired this outfit, I don’t know, but I just had to give you Orestes Pursued by the Furries

Latex fetish *and* a classical education : stick with us, kiddies, and you’ll get it all!

The outfit, then, is a solid addition to any Hugo wardrobe. You’ll find any number of ways to assemble parts from various outfits - they all share the same vision of a consistent designer.

A fun result of Hugo’s recent survey is the addition of more colors - I just had to show you the blue :)

See more details and Bianka’s excellent descriptions at Hugo’s Design blog

Erik stays close to his roots with these outfits and he should do that with all his work, great details as ever and sexy as hell.

Better open the bag on a quick low load sim, 43 items in the bag, offering you every imaginable layer.

You get no less than 12 full tattoo layer outfits with clear descriptions, taking most of the guess work out of combining the different parts.

Though i’m sure you can make than 12 different outfits with the other parts, not that we have tried though, so have fun finding something new and exciting.

Where Erinyes is a rather sexy corset based outfit, quite well suited for a Domme, Wilo with its numerous metal rings, pay extra attention to the ones around the breasts, worn in it’s open version (sorry guys our ratings) is made for a submissive.

Name : Hugo's Design
Owner : Erik Hugo


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