Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Kayliwulf Kingdom - Fetishtron One

After a long quiet period, Kayliwulf just released this new outfit, Fetishtron One, and as can be expected from KK, it’s brief and naughty!

I believe this is the first Kayliwulf outfit that doesn’t include v1-compatible boots. As the boots are worn on the feet, my usual invisprim trick won’t work here. Oh well... Bax makes very nice ankle boots.

Fetishtron comes in a good variety of colors, but none of them include pink catsuits.

As I have a few Kayliwulf catsuits here and there, I thought I’d give the old mix-and-match a try, and I think it looks pretty good. (That’s the black/white Fetishtron over a Plasma (official KK color name) catsuit, in case you wondered.)

A cool Barbarella-meets-Tron outfit, if peek-a-boo is your thing, don’t waste another second ;)

Oh, and if you visit the main store, don’t miss our new-and-improved Blog Board near the big tree at the landing zone.. you can see all our Kayliwulf reviews at a glance. You can't miss it.. it's near the big table covered in free gifts.

Laz is back!!! Seems he’s not waiting for mesh anymore, though we are assured that he’s ready for it, when if finally arrives.

In the box you get: the V4 heels, socks, wrist gloves, thong panties and the catsuit. All nicely color matched into a fun neony outfit.

It’s been a while but Laz managed to find a place for his micro thong panties, i floss with thicker cord, but it covers.. some of the naughty bits. *winks*

The boots come with a lovely shiny neon sole matching the stripes on the outfit.

As is customary with Kayliwulf by now, you get a nice little implant applier so you big breasted girls can join the neon revolution.

Ohh and if you are on a smaller budget, check out the bargain bins as quite a few of the oldies but goodies have been moved there.

Name : Kayliwulf Kingdom
Owner : Lazarus Luan & Daphne Goodnight


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