Friday, November 4, 2011

Help Us Keep The Pony Directory Updated

Last November, Jaydana, lelo and I started the Pony Directory, a reference site for pony play in Second Life.

We believe this is a useful service, and we’re happy to put the time into maintaining it.

Jaydana was our expert and researcher, as lelo and I don’t live the pony lifestyle 24/7.

But Real Life Intruded, as it will, and Jaydana no longer has the time to keep us posted on changes in the SL community.

So I would like to ask all ponies, trainers, sim owners, and other enthusiasts to give us a little hand in keeping the directory up to date.

A new place opens? An old place closes? A shop carries some cool item we should know?

Send me an instant message - I’m nowhere near capped ;)

Events are best posted on we carry their RSS feed, and we don’t want to compete with them in any way.

With your cooperation, we can improve the Pony Directory and make it a more useful resource for all SL pony people.

Thank you in advance.

Deirdre Young

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